Access 2000 RunCommand constants

With the release of Access 2000, 45 RunCommand constants were added. 38 constants are listed in the Help File. 7 constants are undocumented in the Help system but do appear in the Object browser.

In addition as Access 2000 now uses the Visual Basic Editor, a number of RunCommand constants from Access 97 are retained for backwards compatibilty. These are the ones that covered the Module Design view. The Access 2000 Help File shows these in italics. However it seems to have some ommissions. The ones I have found are listed below.

See the Full List for information on all the constants.

Undocumented Constants

The constants listed below are not in Access 2000 Help but do appear in the Object Browser.

acCmdClearHyperlink acCmdConnection acCmdDemote
acCmdGroupByTable acCmdPromote acCmdQueryGroupBy
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New in Access 2000

Below is a list of RunCommand constants added in Access 2000.

acCmdDataAccessPageBrowse acCmdDataAccessPageDesignView acCmdDiagramAddRelatedTables
acCmdDiagramAutosizeSelectedTables acCmdDiagramDeleteRelationship acCmdDiagramLayoutDiagram
acCmdDiagramLayoutSelection acCmdDiagramModifyUserDefinedView acCmdDiagramNewLabel
acCmdDiagramNewTable acCmdDiagramRecalculatePageBreaks acCmdDiagramShowRelationshipLabels
acCmdDiagramViewPageBreaks acCmdEditTriggers acCmdHidePane
acCmdMicrosoftScriptEditor acCmdNewObjectDataAccessPage acCmdNewObjectDiagram
acCmdNewObjectStoredProcedure acCmdNewObjectView acCmdQueryAddToOutput
acCmdRemove acCmdSelectDataAccessPage acCmdViewDataAccessPages
acCmdViewDiagrams acCmdViewFieldList acCmdViewShowPaneDiagram
acCmdViewShowPaneGrid acCmdViewShowPaneSQL acCmdViewStoredProcedures
acCmdViewTableColumnNames acCmdViewTableColumnProperties acCmdViewTableKeys
acCmdViewTableNameOnly acCmdViewTableUserView acCmdViewVerifySQL
acCmdViewViews acCmdZoomSelection
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Kept for backwards compatibility with Access 97

acCmdBookmarksClearAll acCmdBookmarksNext acCmdBookmarksPrevious
acCmdBookmarksToggle acCmdCallStack acCmdClearAllBreakpoints
acCmdCompileAndSaveAllModules acCmdCompileLoadedModules acCmdCompleteWord
acCmdDeleteWatch acCmdFindNextWordUnderCursor acCmdFindPrevWordUnderCursor
acCmdInsertFileIntoModule acCmdLastPosition acCmdListConstants
acCmdObjBrwFindWholeWordOnly acCmdObjBrwGroupMembers acCmdObjBrwHelp
acCmdObjBrwShowHiddenMembers acCmdObjBrwViewDefinition acCmdObjectBrowser
acCmdParameterInfo acCmdReference acCmdReset
acCmdSaveAllModules acCmdSaveModuleAsText acCmdSingleStep
acCmdStepOut acCmdStepOver acCmdStepToCursor
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Kept for backwards compatibility with Access 97

The following are not marked as such in Access 2000 Help.

acCmdAddWatch acCmdProcedureDefinition
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