Access XP (2002) and Access 2003 RunCommand constants

These are the versions of Access about which I know least as I have not worked with these versions. Therefore a lot of this information is second hand. If you have any information on any of these then please let me know

Access XP (2002)

As far as I know Access XP added 134 RunCommand constants. The Help File actually lists 138 new constants but 4 of these do not appear in the Object Browser. They are acCmdChartSortAscByTotal, acCmdChartSortDescByTotal, acCmdSaveAllRecords and acCmdUndoAllRecords.

All previous constants were kept for backwards compatability. However I am unable to give definitive information or examples.

Access 2003

Access 2003 appears to have only added 3 RunCommand constants. They are acCmdPivotChartSortAscByTotal, acCmdChartSortDescByTotal and acCmdViewObjectDependencies. As I do not have Access 2003 I have gleaned this information from the Microsoft site.

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