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Hall of Fame

I would just like to say thank you to all the people who have given help, inspiration and information about Access RunCommand Constants. Listed below are listed the ones I can remember and my apologies now to all those that I have forgotten.

Dev Ashish
When I was learning Access Dev gave me some great ideas and direction. One of the forces behind the creation of The Access Web
Arvin Meyer
Another person who gave me lots of encouragement when I first started out with Access. He has provided a few examples and is now helping Dev with the running of The Access Web
Allen Browne
Another of my early gurus and someone who also has some code examples on the site.
Brandon Skeen
Provided information on acCmdRefreshPage
Marcel Runte
Who pointed out some errors on the site.
Karl Meadows
Who also pointed out some errors on the site.
Julia Roberts
Who pointed out some errors on the site.
Clint Covington
Provided me with all the 2007 RunCommand constant names
Tim Getsch
Provided the values for the 2007 constants

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