Below is a brief description of each area of the site.

Access 2000
What's new with RunCommand constants for Access 2000.
Access XP, 2003
What's new with RunCommand constants for Access XP and Access 2003.
Access 2007
What's new with RunCommand constants for Access 2007.
Any Comments
Page for making your comments on the site.
Can You Help
List of RunCommand constants that I have no classea about.
Code Examples
Listing of RunCommand constants for which I have code examples.
Design Time
Constants that would only be used when designing objects.
DoMenuItem Conversion
Have some code using the DoMenuItem and want to convert to RunCommand. Then look at this page for the RunCommand equivalent to a DoMenuItem.
Full List
All the RunCommand constants, their value and a short description of what they do.
Known Problems
All the problems that I know can occur with RunCommand constants. This also includes solutions where known.
Menu Equivalents
Lists the Runcommand constant equivalent for specific menu items.
RunCommand or DoCmd.Object
Item about when to use RunCommand rather than DoCmd.Object.
Site Information
This page.
Unable To Use
Constants that do not appear to work in code. It includes some work arounds.
Useful Links
Links to other Access sites.
What's New
Lists the history of the changes made to this site.

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