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This FAQ site is designed to help Microsoft Access developers find answers for some common questions. It was originally designed and built by Dev Ashish and much of the code contained herein was written by him. Now Arvin Meyer owns the domain theaccessweb.com and runs this site since mvps.org has recently closed down and Dev Ashish is no longer developing this site.

All code, utilities, and addins  provided here are free and you are allowed to use them as part of your own applications.  If you are going to redistribute any code,  please be courteous to the original authors by mentioning their contributions and by following any copyright guidelines the author may have provided along with the utility or code.

First and foremost, my thanks to Felix Kasza for providing the original space for this website. A personal thanks to Dev Ashish, who, designed The Access Web and ran it for the first 4 years of its existance.

More and more people from around the world now contribute to the Access FAQ.  However a special "Thank You" to Lars M. Hansen, Erika Yoxall, Terry Wickenden, Chuck Lyle, Alex Dybenko, and Tim Mills-Groninger for their contributions leading to the birth of The Access Web.

And another round of Thanks  to Ken Getz,   Michael KaplanAndy Baron, Michel Walsh, Terry Kreft, Jim Ferguson and many others for sharing their expertise and insight into Access with us,  through the newsgroups or on a personal basis.  This site would not be possible without their helpful comments, hints, samples etc.

Please note that while I read every email I receive,  it's just not possible for me to reply to each one individually.  By posting your questions on the newsgroups,  you're not only helping others who can retrieve the answers via Google,  but you also get the feedback from others, not just me.  Not to mention it's good netiquette and also handles cases when I don't know the answer.

Because of the recent move of this very large website, there are bound to be glitches. Use the link to contact me.

If you have any contributions/corrections/additions to this website,  please contact me.

Last Updated: February 17, 2017

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